INVEST4EXCELLENCE aims at developing an integrated and long-term joint strategy on research and innovation in line with the education strategies from the INVEST EU University Alliance. The thematic focus of the INVEST Alliance is in Sustainable development as one of the most important global challenges. INVEST4EXCELLENCE will create the background for the development and implementation of research and innovation ideas through model development for institutional transformation at research and innovation dimension

Collective excellent research and innovation

Partners join their effort to develop common research and innovation agenda, reinforce the human capital in research and innovation and engage the civil society, bringing the proposals for innovative solutions to contribute to the sustainable development of regions.

Our alliance

INVEST alliance consists of five partner universities from five European countries located in all four European sub-regions: (1) Slovak University of Agriculture and (2) University of Agribusiness and Rural Development in Central and Eastern Europe, (3) Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences in Western Europe, (4) Karelia University of Applied Sciences in Northern Europe and (5) University of Thessaly in Southern Europe. Thanks to such broad geographic dispersion, partner universities and their regions experienced different historical development and can contribute to project objectives with a variety of approaches and solutions, which would not be possible to identify without cooperation.


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