Work Packages

WP 1 Management and Coordination

Main objective: To establish a solid management structure in order to ensure the achievement of project objectives and overall successful implementation of all project activities

Specific objectives:

  • To ensure the achievement of project objectives while fulfilling all expertise, administrative, financial, legal and technical aspects;
  • To implement suitable management and coordination instruments;
  • To provide high-quality reporting towards European Commission (EC);
  • To execute project activities while ensuring mutual understanding and proportional involvement of the whole consortium;
  • To deliver high-quality project outcomes and deliverables; to fulfil properly all tasks and achieve WPs´ objectives


WP2 INVEST4EXCELLENCE Model for Institutional Transformation at Research and Innovation Dimension

Main objective: To develop and implement the INVEST4EXCELLENCE Model for institutional transformation at research and innovation dimension as a long-term tool for integrated, systematic, structural and sustainable impact at the various levels and areas of activities in INVEST universities based on their strengths and potentials for synergies.

Specific objectives:

  • identification of resources, challenges, barriers, needs, ways and good practices of cooperation in research and innovation;
  • development of INVEST4EXCELLENCE joint vision and documents setting the bases for the institutional transformation in research and innovation;
  • establishment of a network between “European universities”, presenting best practices in the institutional transformations in research and innovation, working on recommendations to policy making;
  • setting the bases for INVEST4EXCELLENCE Open Science practices, incl. digitalization of resources


WP3 INVEST4EXCELLENCE European Innovation Ecosystem for Academia-Business & Society

Main objective: To strengthen a European partnership on Regional Sustainable Development, the regional Living Labs of INVEST connect into a European Innovation Ecosystem, by gaining insight on diverse and shared ambitions, experiences and practices. The WP facilitates the development of a common approach and exchange knowledge across languages and borders, disciplines and sectors, of researchers, students, regional stakeholders, entrepreneurs and community organizations.

Specific objectives:

  • Develop a common approach for the regionally established INVEST Living Labs, based on transdisciplinary methods for connecting applied science, education, governance, business and citizens in learning and innovation.
  • Identify common aspects and criteria for the development and performance of transition pathways in the regional Living Labs
  • Create synergy on European level between the academic research practices of diverse universities, and regional Living Labs practices and experiences.
  • Develop innovative and relevant applied research methods for European higher education inter-university ‘campuses’ to facilitate European Innovation Ecosystems.


WP4 INVEST4EXCELLENCE Capacity Building Tools

Main objective: To strengthen the human capital enabling brain circulation and gender balance by developing research competences and skills of the INVEST RDI staff and PhD students.

Specific objectives:

  • Identification and description of the key competences and skills that are needed to share research resources within INVEST consortium
  • Development of INVEST4EXCELLENCE Open Science training tool and materials that enable mainstreaming the open science practises within and beyond the consortium
  • Development of INVEST4EXCELLENCE stakeholder tool for systematic involvement of the stakeholders into joint research and innovation
  • Development of INVEST4EXCELLENCE training tool providing online and on-site training camps for re- and up-skilling of the RDI staff, PhD students and stakeholders


WP5 Dissemination, Awareness Building & Engagement for INVEST R&D

Main objective: To maximise the INVEST outcomes of research and development by disseminating and exploiting all relative results. This will include the overall design and use of strategic communication tools that will deliver the deployment of a large-scale promotion and dissemination campaigns ensuring a widespread of INVEST research and development results and its impact. Maintaining a realistic exploitation strategy focused on the research achievements of the initiative will promote the potential utilization of INVEST as the de-facto paradigm for multilingual research organization on regional sustainability.

Specific Objectives:

  • Co-ordinate and promote dissemination and commercial exploitation of the scientific results obtained in the different WPs of the project
  • Develop a methodological approach to support evaluation and validation proposed and communicate the project vision on extensible network service provisioning by focusing key messages and project research results to various stakeholders
  • Support consortium members /organise stakeholder networking, to sustain awareness and engagement in relation to research activities
  • Promote the INVEST pedagogical and organizational models via international conferences and journal special issues
  • Create a communication and disseminations strategy with measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)