Who we are

The interconnection of Europe and the need for an increasingly intensive transfer of knowledge means that the further development of higher education is not possible without the development of cooperation at all levels. Contemporary Europe is characterized by a strong knowledge community consisting of well-cooperating universities and their links with regional communities, businesses and society as such. Increasing internationalization of higher education is therefore crucial for development of European society.

To be continuous and successful, further internationalization of higher education has to involve all its aspects and components, such as student and staff mobility, transformation of curricula and study programmes, novel forms of learning, cooperation in excellent research, creation of modern policies, developing quadruple-helix collaborations, etc.

INVEST Alliance represents the integrated platform of European universities for international, cross-disciplinary and multilingual studies and research and development activities, addressing global challenges for sustainable development. It provides a unique platform (both in physical and virtual aspects) for enhancing the interactions and relationships between higher education institutions and stakeholders and encouraging cultural and social dialogues and understanding for fostering the broader civic engagement and entrepreneurial mind-set.

INVEST alliance consists of five partner universities from five European countries located in all four European sub-regions: (1) Slovak University of Agriculture and (2) University of Agribusiness and Rural Development in Central and Eastern Europe, (3) Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences in Western Europe, (4) Karelia University of Applied Sciences in Northern Europe and (5) University of Thessaly in Southern Europe. Thanks to such broad geographic dispersion, partner universities and their regions experienced different historical development and can contribute to project objectives with a variety of approaches and solutions, which would not be possible to identify without cooperation.