Invest for Excellence in Regional Sustainability – INVEST4EXCELLENCE aims at developing an integrated and long-term joint strategy on research and innovation in line with the education strategies from the INVEST EU University Alliance.

INVEST4EXCELLENCE will create the background for the development and implementation of research and innovation ideas through developing the common research and innovation agenda, exchanging best practices and sharing common research infrastructure and resources. This will lead to reinforcement of the human resources in the research and innovation of the INVEST Alliance and will contribute to achieving the knowledge-based civic society, engaged in creation and benefitting of the high quality research and innovation outputs. INVEST4EXCELLENCE will influence the interactions between institutional adaptation and the transformation of research and innovation systems by analysing change and adjustment within the whole alliance. INVEST4EXCELLENCE brings together a large European educational community that will actively cooperate and maximize the learning impact of the project. The project comes with several key enabling educational and digital technologies that can optimize all research and innovation aspects promoted by the INVEST Alliance.

INVEST4EXCELLENCE is focused on achievement of its objectives that are designed to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely), what is ensured by structured, complementary and interconnected tasks of the project work plan. The specific aims are the following:

  • Specific aim 1: To develop and implement the INVEST4EXCELLENCE model for institutional transformation at research and innovation dimension
  • Specific aim 2: To develop INVEST4EXCELLENCE European Innovation Ecosystem for Academia-Business & Society
  • Specific aim 3: To develop INVEST4EXCELLENCE Capacity Building Tools
  • Specific aim 4: To implement and promote the I-EDUC8EU tool
  • Specific aim 5: To set up well-functioning group of stakeholders