1. Institutional transformation at Research and Innovation Dimension

The project will deliver a model for institutional transformation. Such model will serve as a long-term tool for integrated, systematic, structural and sustainable impact at the various levels and areas of activities in partner universities based on their strengths and potentials for synergies. The project will provide strategies for internationalization, research and innovation and handbook of best practices in institutional transformation for policy makers. Their creation will be divided in a process of three steps – analysis, planning and management, with the aim to create long-term plans and vision by understanding the situation, analysing the chances, setting the goals and rules to use resources. Strategic planning process will determine the sequence of decisions that have to put into practice in the right order.


2. European Innovation Ecosystem:

A set of measures and documents aimed to connect Living Labs of INVEST with European Innovation Ecosystem will be delivered, such as position papers, handbooks or proofs of concept/practice. The project will facilitate the development of a common approach and exchange knowledge across languages and borders, disciplines and sectors, of researchers, students, regional stakeholders, entrepreneurs and community organizations.


3. Capacity Building:

To strengthen the human capital enabling brain circulation and gender balance by developing research competences and skills of the INVEST RDI staff and PhD students represents the main aim of the capacity building. The project will identify key competences and skills needed to be shared in the consortium, develop training tools to mainstream the open science practices and provide trainings for various target groups including non-academic (stakeholders).


4. Dissemination:

The project will design and implement a Dissemination and Awareness Plan focused on the research and development activities within the INVEST ecosystem and the promotion of the proposed organizational and pedagogical models. It will provide the overall design and use of strategic communication tools that will deliver the deployment of a large-scale promotion and dissemination campaigns ensuring a widespread of INVEST research and development results and its impact.