On 30 March 2023, the webinar entitled “Integrating living labs in pedagogy of Higher education: Contemporary transition competences” took place as part of the INVEST training programme. Organized by Dr. Loes Witteveen and Dr. Jan Fliervoet of the Van Hall Larenstein, University of Applied Sciences, the webinar focused on unravelling the origin of the ambitions and the reality of ‘happy end’ or ‘fairy tale’ expectations regarding Living Labs. The main aims were the following: 

-To reflect on design principles as published in a 2016 study and contemporary insights on the performance of Living Labs, 
-To present recent studies (in print) in connection to educational or pedagogical cultures and its relation to competences of public engagement and participation. 

The webinar started with Dr. Witteveen who immediately launched herself on the thorny question of the major learning configuration for training high-quality ambitious and innovative professionals.  In an innovative way, Dr. Witteveen stressed the importance of including new and innovative learning outcomes in education. Drawing on her 2016 study, Dr. Witteveen elaborated on the four design principles for Living Labs such as fostering inclusive quadruple helix participation, stimulating reflexivity in learning, facilitating interaction, knowledge sharing as well as creating authentic learning environments that focus on a sustainable future.

This webinar provided participants with a unique and rare opportunity to widen their understanding of Living Labs and especially their knowledge on the Living Lab design principles.

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