We are pleased to share a momentous achievement within the INVEST4Excellence alliance: the finalization of our Open Science Code and the imminent launch of our state-of-the-art Open Science Platform!

Researchers from the member universities recently convened for a pivotal meeting. This collaborative gathering was dedicated to shaping and finalizing the intricate details of our Open Science Code. Through rigorous discussions and shared insights, we collectively distilled the essence of responsible and transparent research conduct into this comprehensive framework.

With the shared wisdom of this collaborative meeting, we developed the final version of our Open Science Code. This code stands as a beacon, illuminating the path of ethical research conduct. It encapsulates rules, principles, and good practices that uphold transparency, integrity, and the spirit of responsible research. By adhering to these values, we're not only elevating the quality of our work but also nurturing the growth of the global scientific community.

Building on our commitment to openness and collaboration, we're thrilled to introduce our upcoming Open Science Platform. Designed with researchers, students, and the curious minds among us in mind, this digital hub is set to revolutionize the way we share and access knowledge.

Platform Highlights:
- Seamlessly access and share research documents and publications.
- Explore a diverse array of research outputs from various fields.
- Collaborate with fellow researchers to drive innovation.
- Embrace transparent research practices for a brighter future.

Key Integrations:
- European Open Science Cloud (EOSC): As we integrate with the EOSC, we're opening doors to broader collaboration and granting access to an extensive network of researchers across Europe. Together, we're propelling the Open Science movement to new heights!
- ZENODO API Integration: Our platform's integration with the ZENODO API empowers researchers to effortlessly share and access documents. With seamless sorting, searching, and access to valuable research resources, we're accelerating discoveries like never before.

Join the Open Science Movement!
The enthusiasm among our researchers to embrace Open Science practices has grown immensely. By sharing knowledge openly and collaborating transparently, we're collectively accelerating discoveries and creating a global impact.