Living Lab Meeting at Soil and Water Resources Institute, Sindos

On 24th November 2022, a Living Lab (LL) meeting in the presence of the project’s team members Marcel Rompelman (VHL), Casper Zoete (VHL), and Omiros Iatrellis (UTH) and stakeholders, was held at Soil and Water Resources Institute-Land Reclamation Department in Sindos. The meeting objectives were:

  • To take stock of the regional and national activities to date including the changes and challenges of flood risks,
  • To present the RES-Q Living Lab progress on key actions under each objective in the workplan and research activities,
  • To share a summary of the projects supported by the SWRI institute,
  • To seek feedback from domain experts on adapting land and water management to climate change, and;
  • To conduct an open discussion with researchers and professionals working in relevant areas in Sindos to map potential stakeholders.

After a tour of the Department’s infrastructure Dr. Andreas Panagopoulos presented SWRI equipment, infrastructure, and R&D projects with an emphasis on the NEXUS project:

  • ILTER PHO (Dr. Vassilis Pisinaras)
  • ATLAS (Ms Anna Chatzi, Mr Konstantinos Babakos)
  • REXUS, LENSES (Dr. Dimitris Malamataris)

The INVEST project and Living lab were presented by Dr. Omiros Iatrellis followed by a presentation of the curriculum development focused on Climate adaptation for land and water management by Drs. Marcel Rompelman. Discussion on possible cooperation was fruitful and agreed upon by both sides to strengthen this in a Memorandum of Understanding. Help was offered in future field visits and access to stakeholders. This was an important step towards the implementation of the goals of RES-Q Living Lab which can serve as a basis for future collaboration.


Curated By Andriana Gerondis